Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nokia 105 is the cheapest entry level mobile from Nokia

Are you a first time mobile handset buyer or are you looking for a cheaper handset? Will an entry level mobile be fine for you? Whatever be your question, the Nokia 105 is your answer. It is the cheapest entry level mobile from the house of Nokia and is priced at only Rs. 1,249.
It is the cheapest phone in its category. As a matter of fact, the buyers will be able to own a phone with a color screen. The Nokia 105 happens to be the descendant of Nokia 1280, which proved to be one of the most sold handsets for the company.
Even when it is just the entry level phone, it has rich features like the flashlight, a speaking clock and a FM radio as well.
T S Sridhar, who is the Regional General Manager (South), Nokia India, said that the introduction of Nokia 105 translates to the end of the age of black and white screens for the Indian markets.


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