Friday, March 30, 2012

Indian NIT student lands a hefty job with Facebook

For a middle-class Indian student landing a job with social networking site Facebook, was like a dream come true. He is a student of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad. Facebook has offered him a package of Rs. 1.34 crores ($262,500). It has been the job offering of the highest monitory benefit, according to the officials of the MNNIT.
This is the highest paid job offered to a graduate student of the MNNIT in its history so far.
The identity of the student has been held back by the institute owing to security reasons. The student is currently studying his (or her, we don’t know) eighth semester of the B.Tech (Electronics).
There have been even more success stories related to MNNIT. However, the other successful students were offered packages in the region of Rs. one million. This is the first ever highest annual package for a student from all the NITs ever.

Google will bring out its tablet by yearend

People who are awaiting the Google tablet will not have to wait for an extended period of time. Before the turn of the year, Google is likely to bring for the users, their Android-powered tablet. It would be available exclusively through the Google stores. Users can reach Google stores if they want to get one.
There were all kinds of things being spoken about the Google tablet. Initial reports claimed that the Google gadget would pose itself as a challenge to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Another round of reports carried the information that the device would have a 7” display and would cost anything between $149 and $199.
This amount will bring it in direct competition with the Kindle Fire. In one of the latest developments, Google would join hands with Asus for launching the reasonably priced tablet. Google is likely to rope in Asus and Samsung to manufacture the hardware for the gadget.
It is rumored that Asus will launch the tablet through the online Google Store anytime later this year.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Apple comes forward with battery charging issues in iPad 3

There have been a host of problems for Apple for its iPad 3 like the over-heating issue and the Wi-fi connectivity, the battery charging issue being one of them. In fact, it has been around two months that Apple is facing the heat of the battery problems. But after iOS 5 was introduced, devices powered with iOS were facing awful battery problems. Apple had to jump in to solve them.
But the iOS 5.1 release has given a new lease of life to the devices. The Apple users will be glad to know that their device now gets too support from the battery. But Apple had hardly come out of the crisis when another was waiting for them – again regarding the battery charging.
Ray Soneira an analyst from DisplayMate, during the testing discovered that the battery was not charged entirely and yet the indicator showed 100%. Mr. Michael Tchao, who is the Vice President of iPad Marketing, said that it is a feature and not a glitch that allows one to keep the device plugged in as long as one liked.
Now that should be enough to put all the concerns to rest.

Microsoft and Nokia to invest for a mobile app

Nokia along with Microsoft will be investing an amount of €9 million each. A total of €18 million will be invested for developing a mobile app. The two giant companies are funding the amount to have the AppCampus program. The companies are expected to use it for at least three years.
The new app will be built around Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile OS. The hope is that entrepreneurs and students from around the world will come to Finland to help in the development of the AppCampus program.
The main aim of AppCampus program is to promote an innovative mobile app for Windows phone. It will be used in the ecosystem of the phone, the Nokia platforms that will also include the Symbian and Series 40.
The investment is aimed at having software for Smartphones for the Windows phone. The Aalto University will be managing the development of this program. Those who are interested can apply here.
The candidates selected after the application process will be given training in design and usability as well as in mobile technology. A lot more is to follow for the successful candidates in the future.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why write for more than one site

Today online writing has become a passion for many budding writers. “Get Paid to Write” is an arm of “Make money online”. There are many successful online writers who are earning well just by writing. However, for those who are new to writing, they need to keep some things in mind when writing online.
The thing of first and foremost importance is that you should write for more than one site if you are looking to earn by writing online. Let’s have a look at the reasons now.
Sites can vanish
It is not new to internet. Sites can vanish in a matter of days or weeks, which many term as spam. There is no dearth of spamming sites as we all know. So just imagine all your work is uploaded only one site and one day you get a message, saying “This webpage is not available” or the site just refuses to open. It dawns to you that the site has turned scam with all your articles there. You lose all the hard work.
Divide your work on sites
If you have divided your work on various web sites, all you lose is only those articles which you have uploaded on that particular web site. It is still advisable to keep a copy of the articles on your hard drive and a backup on a CD or pen drive.
Mode of payment
At times modes of payment do not suit you even if you wish to write for a certain site. The technicalities in money transfer do not allow you to accept money in your country. This obviously doesn’t allow you to proceed with that site even if you wish to write for them.
Time of payment
There are some sites which pay only at the end of the month. On the other hand some sites have a specific cycle in their payment and can pay more than once in a single month. The various duration in your payment can work in your favor and you won’t have to wait to get the payment only on a specific date.

Friday, March 23, 2012

WiFi connectivity problems for Apple iPad 3

We have been constantly reporting to you about the launch, the prices, the sales and the over-heating problems in Apple iPad 3. However, we hadn’t’ spoken about the WiFi connectivity. Actually this is the latest problem the Apple iPad 3 is facing.Customers have left their comments on the Apple Support Communities Web site voicing their experiences.
According to the customers, they do not get the same type of wireless connectivity on the new iPad whereas the same was possible on smartphones, laptops and such similar gadgets.
Some of the commentators have even gone on to say that they would be soon returning the device back to Apple. These are some serious thought-provoking developments for Apple. Apple however hasn’t yet replied back to these comments.
Apple has until now only responded back to the heat problem saying that the iPad 3 was within the thermal specifications.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The new Apple iPad emits more heat says test

The new Apple iPad is damn hot – well we are not talking about the sex appeal of the latest Apple gadeget, but take the literal meaning of ‘hot’. A test conducted on the iPad 3 has revealed that it reaches temperature of 47 degrees when it is used for around three quarters of an hour.
It was noted when an action game was played on the device and the temperatures reached 47 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature recorded with the iPad 2 was 36 degree Celsius. It is almost a conclusion now that the iPad 3 is not comfortable when it comes to longer duration usage.
The findings were courtesy the tests conducted by Consumer Reports. The game with which the amount of heat of the gadget was counted was Infinity Blade II.
Apple has however claimed that the recently launched iPad was within the range of the thermal specifications – the range of which has been specified between 0 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. Consumer Reports looked into the matter when they read various comments about the extreme heat the gadget has been emanating.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple sells three million units of new iPads

Over the weekend, since its launch on March 16, Apple sold around three million units of new iPads. The figures have been mentioned in the statement issued by the company. These figures have given the tag of the ‘strongest iPad launch’ ever since the iPad started their sales in the market.
The new iPad certainly stands for much more than just what its predecessors dished out before. Enhanced display, wireless connectivity that is faster than ever before, improved RAM along with the processing power makes the new iPad a gadget to own.
When the product was launched, the critics almost immediately claimed that the device didn’t have enough in it and would certainly ‘fail to surprise’ the end users. However, with the history of numbers is on Apple’s side.
The company has in fact sold around thrice as many units as it did with the iPad 2 and about 10 times as the first iPad did when it was sold on the first day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upgraded Aakash to be launched in April

An upgraded version of the Aakash tablet will be launched in the next month. The feel-good facter is that there would be no price hike at all. This information was given by the HRD minister Mr. Kapil Sibal. This should pull in more customers towards the Aakash tablet.
The upgrade includes a higher performing battery with extra life. The tablet can have three hours of backup along with an improved screen. Aakash is tagged as the world’s cheapest tablet priced at slightly more than INR 2000. There will be the 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor along with a 3200mAH battery. The display will certainly be enchanting with a smooth touch screen.
It was decided that there would be a first batch of 100,000 tablets which would target the students who are pursuing higher technical education. The aim of having these students use this tablet first was to gain the technical knowledge about the performance of the tablet.
Datawind is short of the manufacturing capacities as of now. That is why ITI Rajasthan and BHEL will be looking into the production as well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Universal Translator from Microsoft can work in 26 languages

The household name in the field of computer, Microsoft has developed software called as Universal Translator which can handle as many as 26 languages. In fact, it can translate your spoken English in any one of these predefined 26 languages. The software has the ability to speak in the voice of its user as well.
The men behind the program are Rick Rashid and Frank Soong, who come from the MS HQ in Washington. The software might prove extremely helpful for those people who travel around the world and find it difficult to communicate with the people there in their local language.
The upside of this software is that it can even be installed into a Smartphone. So this will make the communication even easier. At the same time, this software is more likely to aid the language students when they are learning a foreign language.
There will be speech recognition as well as translation. This will then be followed by final text-to-speech- yield in one of these possible languages.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Download YouTube videos via Voobys

Downloading YouTube videos has always been fun and fascinating. There are many way of downloading YouTube videos. is one of them. You will no longer have to just watch the videos only when your internet connection is on. Download the videos to your hard drive and watch them later any time.
So this is how you can download videos from YouTube.
Let us say this is the link you have visited to watch a certain video on YouTube. The link will begin with and will be followed by the remaining part of the URL. The sample URL is illustrated below.

Now, what you have to do is just replace the word “youtube” from this URL with “voobys” and press enter. Remember, do not make any changes in the other part of the URL. You will be guided to the voobys web site’s page where you will see an image of the video alongside the “Download Video” button.
If you have already set the default folder to download stuff, the file will get automatically saved to this folder. This is mostly the “Downloads” folder in “My Documents”. But you can easily save the file anywhere you like.
You will need the Flash Player to watch the flv videos. You can see the link on the page that says download Flash Player. There is also a link for you to download the video Converter so that you can send the videos to your mobile phone as well.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apple iPad prices likely to cross the $700 mark

It is being strongly anticipated that the latest iPads from Apple is likely to cross the $700 as the price tag. The rise is as high as 19%. As the market share of the iPad is enumerated, there could be bright chances that the prices could rise in the coming days.
Some of the analysts are looking forward to the price of the iPad to be in the region of $710. However, the average price was around $100 short and rested at $605. Apple iPads have always dominated the market share and that is why most of the competitors have got weaker overtime.
One such prominent example is that of the Hewlett-Packard Co. HP tried to give a futile fight to Apple with their own tablets, PCs and Smartphones. However, it saw very little success to their credit. Actually the company’s shares have gone down by as much as 41% in the last year.
The latest product from the house of the tech giant will come with a sharper and brighter display, an enhanced processor, apart from superior networking capabilities.
The upgraded Apple iPads are scheduled to go on sales from Friday – March 16.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now internet will become faster than before

With a tad of extra cost, it will be possible for you to have faster internet than what you are currently using. Apart from the increase in the net speed, connections will be healthier and network capabilities will be stronger than before. Let’s reiterate, all this will come only at a little additional cost.
A fiber-optic technology is at the root of these developments. The experimentation is on under a project known as Sardana. A group of universities from Europe as well as research institutes are into this project. The conclusions were extremely awesome and lucrative and if they could be roped in for common internet users, it will do them a world of good.
It has been observed that the research team recorded speeds as high as 10 GB per second (Gbps). This speed is a whopping 2000 times more than the best ever internet speed available today.
It is still in a very preliminary stage. The fiber network is the mainstay of this new research. This will certainly mark a great turning point when this technology is fully operational and ready for use for all internet users.

The Nokia Windows 8 Tablet May Be Out By The Yearend

Nokia is expected to bring out the Nokia Windows 8 tablet by the end of 2012. According to the reports in the tech world, Nokia is up and ready to face the competition in the tablet category. The 10” tablet is likely to have a dual-core Qualcomm processor and the Windows 8 OS.
The Nokia Lumia 900 has already started making waves in the United States even before its entry in the market there. It is all braced up as an alternative to the Windows Phone and ready to take on the Smartphone market that has been dominated by Google and Apple.
Ever since Nokia patched up with Microsoft more than a year ago, it is the only company that has put a limit on their high-end Smartphone to only Windows. It has been a year that Nokia has completed stopped manufacturing Android-based Smartphones.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Customers pre-ordering the iPad need to wait longer

There are many customers who have pre-ordered the iPad with a view to avoiding the crowds when the iPad actually releases. The release day of the iPad is expected to pull more crowds. The latest edition of the tablet that was unveiled some days ago, will hit the market this coming Friday.
However, the tablets that have already been ordered online will have to wait for at least three days more. The tablets cannot be shipped until Monday – March 19. This has officially been reported on the web site of Apple. This is entirely opposite of what the company had promised to ship the tablet on the same day when it is launched.
There were reasons to make these sudden changes, however. According to the company statement, the stock set aside especially for the pre-order got exhausted quickly and forced the company helpless to ship the tablet on March 16 – the launch day.
Apple has been having a hard time contending the demands of the customers. This is the second instance in the year when Apple has failed to make the products available as promised. It was earlier in January this year, when Apple could not being selling the iPhone 4S on time in Beijing, China.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple Likely to Retain Hold of the Tablet Market

Even if there are the Windows 8 compatible products, Apple may not lose their grip on the tablet market, it is being predicted. There are the 4G enabled iPads which will be making their way in the market presently. Apple is also in competition with Amazon's Kindle Fire with its iPad 2 that will come with a cheaper price tag.
Apple unveiled the upgraded version of its popular iPad. The upgrade includes a power-packed chip than before, an HD screen, an easy access to an improved wireless network that supports high-speed.
Mark Moskowitz, who is an analyst at JP Morgan Securities, said that Apple has the ability to manufacture devices with higher screen resolution, integrate the 4G LTE and augment the graphics capabilities. The best part of this all is that the company hasn’t compromised on the battery life at all.
This makes Apple a force to reckon with in the tablet market the world over and keeps it in front of its competitors. The share for Apple is increasing and this latest upgraded version will only add to its market share which is likely to reach 66% by the end of this year.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apple will launch the iPad3 on March 7

Come March 7, Apple Inc will be holding a product event in San Francisco. The event is organized for releasing the third generation of the iPad tablet computer. The iPad tablet computer happens to be the best-selling gadget from the house of Apple. There is a lot of excitement in the world of technology regarding the iPad launch.
The gadget will carry a screen with high-definition display. Users will experience a super soft touch screen with the new iPad3. A relatively faster processor will carry out the tasks for you like never before. Wireless networks will ensure that you can remain in touch with the outside world without any fuss.
No doubt, there is a stiff competition in the market. But after gaining the tag of being the pioneer in the field of the tablet market about a couple of years ago, there are a lot of hopes pinned on the new gadget. Though the company has been successful in selling slightly more than 55 million units and generating $34.5 billion as revenue, competition is still healthy.
Apple Inc’s closest rival is the Inc’s Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire also uses the Android operating system.

However, in spite of the tough competition, Apple is likelyto top the sales charts in the tablet market.
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