Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to add new photos to your Facebook photo album

Though, Facebook is a social networking site, due to the volume of the users and the sharing, it is a widely used websites for photo sharing. You have created an album to upload your picnic photos. However you are stuck and don’t know how to go about your job. Don’t worry. Adding photos is fun and easy. Here is how you can do it.

It would be wise to have all the photos in a single folder before you start uploading them. So put all the images you wish to upload in only one folder if they are scattered around. Create a folder if needed at a location you can easily remember.
Then log on to your Facebook account and navigate to your profile. You can go to this page by clicking “Profile” to the right hand top corner of your screen.
When the profile page loads, you should see “Photos”. It is one of the many tabs that appear below the name of your profile.
When the next page downloads, pick the desired album. It will be the album where you would like to include the photos. Clicking the album will load a page from where you can view the current photos in that album.
This is the step for which you have come so long. Now it is time to add more photos. Click “Add More Photos”. It is a tab to the top left of your page.
Now, open the drive and the folder which you have created some time back. It is the same folder where you have saved all your photos. Clicking the folder will display all the images in it. It has a selection box so that you can select only those images you want.
You can select each image individually. However, if you have made this folder to upload all the images, click “Select All” to select all the photos in one go. Next, click on “Upload”. It will start uploading the images one by one and will also show you the progress of the upload through a pop-up box.
Once done successfully, one more pop-up box should appear giving you the confirmation of the successful upload. Click “Ok” and it will load another page. Here you apply the captions and the tags of your friends. Bingo, you have uploaded photos to your album successfully. Congrats!
You can even work with the Simpler Uploader as well. Click “Try The Simple Uploader”. Click the link and you will find loads of “Choose File” buttons on the page. Click the button to upload a photo. Select the desired photos and click “Open”. Select photos of your choice and click “Upload”. As done in the above step, here you can add captions as well as tag your friends.
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