Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HCL launched the ME Y2 tablet for Rs. 14,999

A new 3G-enabled tablet has been launched by HCL Infosystems. The tablet will be known as HCL ME Y2. The tablet is has a stunning 7” multi-touch capacitive screen that comes with 1024 X 600 display. It has 3G connectivity and a built-in slot for the SIM. As of now, the price of the gadget is Rs. 14,999.
The new gadget will run on Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The HCL ME Y2 has two cameras – the usually found rear camera is 2MP, while the 0.3 MP front camera can be used for video calling. Both these cameras can be used in tandem.
The HCL tablet has a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor. There is 1 GB of RAM along with 8 GB of internal memory. With the card slot in place, you can increase the memory up to 32 GB. The mini-USB and mini-HDMI ports can help you in the connectivity.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios are also useful for seamless connectivity. The 4000mAH of battery is huge to give enough support for your full entertainment even if you play high definition videos.

Microsoft names Windows 8 UI as Modern UI

There has been splashing around by Microsoft and it has now named Windows 8 UI as Modern UI. The Windows 8 and its touch-centric user interface has not been one constant entity in any one way. The same UI was initially named Metro. It looks that Microsoft has used the third name for their UI and now seems happy with Modern UI.
The word Metro has been replaced with Modern UI according to the documentation of the company. The explanation given by the company suggests that the word ‘Metro’ was just used as a code. This code was used by the developers in the developing stage. It was never going to be a word used for the general public, the company added.
However, there is something more than just the explanation given by Microsoft. Actually, the name had to be changed due to a naming row. Microsoft has a partner in Europe called Metro Group. This Windows 8 UI has been designed for using the mobile phones, touchscreens and tablets.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Google offers new service called the Account Chooser

Account Chooser will be the new service that Google will soon be launching account with their prominent service called Gmail. There is no doubt that Gmail today is the most popular mailing service being used by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. People can retain multiple Gmail ids that can be used for both personal as well as professional use.
Google now will be offering the services of a feature called Account Chooser. It will allow the users to have the option of logging in multiple accounts from one and only one page. Users will be able to choose from a list of the accounts. This automatically means that the users will be required to log-in less often.
The users will need to enable the account to first use it. Once done, they need to check ‘Stay signed in’ option and that’s all. And now if a user needs to sign in, he only needs to choose – click the account from the list. The name of the user, the email id and an avatar are the details that will be available for the accounts.
Users can add or remove the accounts from this list. The best part of the service is that you can disable the entire service – it’s all up to you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google to integrate Gmail in search results

Google has always been the preferred search engine all over the world. They are now trying to integrate Gmail in your search results. This will certainly augment the experience of the search results for the users. Searching the mails will be even easier than before. However, according to the official Google blog, this field will only be offered to a little number of users (for testing).
This field can integrate the Google mail search results along with the Knowledge Graph in the search engine. At times the expected solution of a query is not available on the internet or the public domains. But it is accessible through emails. That is why there are efforts to develop a method to find the information.
The trial will be open to only the US users at the moment. The signing up process has been activated so that users can experience the latest technology developed by Google. There are more features the search engine will be trying to integrate. The search monster will be also working on using Voice Search.
The feature will be able to interpret the question for you and also answer back using complete sentences as well. This feature is already working on Android. It is soon likely to be available in the Apple App Store for those who are using iOS 4.2.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Videocon launches budget phones

Videocon will soon come up with budget mobile phones that all the people will be able to afford. The company will be launching as many as four models. There is already a lot of competition in the cell phone market and the entry of a major player like Videocon will certainly make the difference.
The phones that have been launched are the V1580, V1548, V1531+ and the V1542. The V1542 is the one that supports the dual-standby as well as the dual-SIM feature, whereas the V1548 and the V1580 are touchscreen enabled phones. The remaining models support the T9 keypad.
Stress has been given on the trend the people currently use the cell phones. The phones come with social networking features like the Facebook and Twitter. So it is more likely that the people will go for these phones. With these phones you can also playback various audio as well as video formats. So entertainment is guaranteed.
The best thing about these phones is that they all support the extended memory via the MicroSD cards. So memory will never be a problem for these phones. LED torch, FM radio along with 3.5mm audio jack are some of the features of these Videocon phones.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

ZTE is the fifth biggest Smartphone manufacturer in the world

Some days ago we had reported to you about the launch of the first ever Android phone by ZTE. And now according to the reports, ZTE has become the fifth biggest Smartphone manufacturer in the world. The company has a fairly nice business in the second quarter of this year when they managed to ship around 8 million Smartphones.
From what the company did business during the same period in the last year, the increase is an astounding 300%. There are many reasons why and how ZTE could make such a humongous jump. But one of the primary reasons is that the company did ship low-cost Smartphones to China in the entry-level category.
Apart from that internationally the sales of the ZTE have also increased. The prominent of the figures are from the United States. But in this business it is brand equality that matters. And the report goes on to say that it could be a problem for the company in the future.
The brand name is the key factor and that is must if the company has to have overseas sales as well.

Google creates Android blog and a Google+ page for Android

The Android fans have something to cheer about. You will get all the news and related releases about the OS at one place. Life will be easy for the lovers of this Smartphone platform. The internet giant has announced that there will be +Android on Google+ along with a blog dedicated to Android.
Google has made it clear that it had taken a feedback from the fans about the content they were willing to see on the Google Mobile Blog. It was a simple calculation and more and more people wanted to have more knowledge about the Android OS.
To make life simple for everyone regarding the newest Android products, Google created an account itself on Google+. This will enable all the users to have the latest info they were curious to know about. There will be lots of valuable information on the Android Blog and that is why those interested must surely visit the site.
As far as the Android blog is concerned, there are posts since February this year. So it looks like there has been activity on the blog for quite a while now.
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