Sunday, March 15, 2015

WhatsApp Calling is Now Active for Android Users

It looks like Whatsapp calling for Android phones is finally active for the entire community irrespective of physical boundaries. The popular messaging app’s new service, however, is only for Android users right now.
There are already hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users in the world to go with hundreds of thousands of groups. Messages become viral in no time on the app. The same is likely to be experienced this time too.
Activating WhatsApp Voice Call

There is a simple process to get your WhatsApp voice calling activated. First, you will have to update to the latest version of the app. You can find that through Play Store or by directly visiting WhatsApp official web site.
You will get a new version competent for voice calling. However, you cannot make or receive calls until you first get a call from someone. Yes, that’s the catch in this. You should get a call a WhatsApp user through this app only. Only then you can really use this service.
There was news regarding the WhatsApp voice calling that it is likely to infect your Smartphone with malicious software. So, you should be very careful with this feature.
You can see new tabs added to your user interface. One of the tabs is especially dedicated to voice calling.
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