Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2G and 3G speed the same for 48% of India users

India is increasing in the numbers of Smartphone users. Today, India has a huge Smartphone user base and it is one of the biggest markets as well. However, according to Ericsson there isn’t any difference between the speeds that the consumers expect to be.
Ericsson ConsumerLab has come with some figures in their study. According to the report revealed by them, around 48 per cent of Indian consumers of mobile internet hardly find any difference between the 2G and 3G speeds.
When a Smartphone user is using a 3G connection on his device, he is expecting to have a superior speed as compared to the 2G user. A 3G mobile plan is costly that puts more financial worries on the pockets of the users. And if they find 2G and 3G of the same speed, why would they go for the 3G plans.
Around 88% people – users – find that the mobile broadband is more expensive. That makes consumers run away from adapting this service. When on one hand the report stated some figures, it stayed away from a possible argument over the number game. And for this reason, the report didn’t divulge the genuine speed a 3G consumer ought to get.
However, in general, the load time of a web page is considered to be around 3 seconds. But, in India, it is three times slower. To add to the woes, the 3G connectivity isn’t consistent either.
There should be flexible data plans so that people of various needs can buy them accordingly. Moreover, there need to be more consistency in the connectivity as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who in Bollywood is Supporting Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a hot topic these days. And why not, after all it is question of a fraction of a people dominating the majority of the people. Even the common man has stepped into the battle to save the internet.
Yes, that’s the tag word these days – “Save the internet”. There is literally a campaign to save the internet. All have equal right over the use of internet and that too without anyone’s interference and doing partiality.
We take a look at some Bollywood personalities who have also joined the fight for saving the internet and keeping it equal for all.
Parineeti Chopra
The Chopra girl was one of the first actresses to raise her voice. She appreciated the steps taken by AIB through the video they brought out. She also mentioned that net neutrality is crucial.
Arjun Kapoor
One of the key members of the controversial AIB, Arjun Kapoor came out in support of saving the internet. He posted a video link in support of net neutrality and asked people to support the drive.
Richa Chadda
Another beautiful actress, Richa Chadda came into the picture supporting net neutrality. According to her, the government should take steps in favoring net neutrality if it is elected by the citizens of India.
She further added that, if it’s a government brought in by the telecom operators, the common man should get ready to get looted.
The fact of the matter remains that internet is and should be for everyone and there shouldn’t be a favor for a certain company – whoever are involved in whichever way.
Internet has not only become a source of communication, but is also responsible for information explosion. Moreover, it is a utility and not a luxury – no matter the financial status of an individual.
There used to be tax on radio and television in the recent past in India after independence. However, that tax was later abolished. Internet is a parallel example. The net is also used for studying purposes for students as well as for gaining information from sites like Wikipedia.
We all need net neutrality. Stand by it, common!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pay Less Up To 25% for Roaming

We had talked about net neutrality in one of our articles in the Gadget Garrio blog. One of the issues facing net neutrality was regarding the telecom or service providers who were crying foul. The reason was that these service providers were losing a lot of revenue due to mobile messaging apps making SMS and calling services literally free of cost.
Moreover, their complaint was that the free data that was being transmitted was bringing loads on their servers. Let’s suppose, some of their ‘complaints’ are true. But, to add to their woes there’s one more issue that will be like adding insult to injury.
From the start of the next month, the charges on roaming have been brought down. Mobile calls for roaming will become economical by 23%. A local SMS will carry a cost of only 25 paise. Earlier, the cost of sending such a SMS was Re. 1. This means the charges have been brought down by 75%.
The orders have been placed in place the by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). However, this order also means that subscribers won’t have the option of availing the schemes, which permitted them calling and SMSing when they were roaming at the home circle rates.
A statement regarding these orders was issued by TRAI. TRAI had cut the max rate, which an operator is able to charge for STD calls. The previous rate was Rs. 1.50 and has been brought down to Rs. 1.15. National SMS charges have also been brought down from the previous charges of Rs. 1.50 to Rs. 1.12 – a cut of 38 paise.
According to the revised tariffs, a service provider can charge 80 paise at the most, instead of the earlier charge of Re. 1.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

WhatsApp Calling is Now Active for Android Users

It looks like Whatsapp calling for Android phones is finally active for the entire community irrespective of physical boundaries. The popular messaging app’s new service, however, is only for Android users right now.
There are already hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users in the world to go with hundreds of thousands of groups. Messages become viral in no time on the app. The same is likely to be experienced this time too.
Activating WhatsApp Voice Call

There is a simple process to get your WhatsApp voice calling activated. First, you will have to update to the latest version of the app. You can find that through Play Store or by directly visiting WhatsApp official web site.
You will get a new version competent for voice calling. However, you cannot make or receive calls until you first get a call from someone. Yes, that’s the catch in this. You should get a call a WhatsApp user through this app only. Only then you can really use this service.
There was news regarding the WhatsApp voice calling that it is likely to infect your Smartphone with malicious software. So, you should be very careful with this feature.
You can see new tabs added to your user interface. One of the tabs is especially dedicated to voice calling.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Nokia Glam Me app – the Nokia Lumia app

One of the best apps to use with any Nokia Lumia is the Nokia Glam Me app. With this app, you can give yourself a special look with only some minor adjustments. The app is designed to work with the front-facing cameras that come with the Lumia. Lighten up your face, remove the blemishes, or make any modifications manually, the Nokia Glam Me app will do all the things for you.
With the help of this app, you can get a cool portrait of yourself. You will hardly have to make any changes as most of the times the portraits are great and enhanced. Still you can make any changes if you wish to. Once done, you are ready to share it with your friends and family on social networking sites.
The great thing about the Nokia Glam Me is that it is extremely easy to use and master. With a few tries you can easily get going and apply a range of special effects to your pictures.
If you are using Nokia Lumia 820, you will need to upgrade the software to the 1232.5951.1249.0000 version. When done, with this or any other version above this one, you will be able to use the app seamlessly.
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