Friday, February 24, 2012

Review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini ST15i is now available in India. For the Indian market the price of the phone is around Rs. 13,000. The phone is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor. The OS used for this Sony product is the Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
The Sony Ericsson Xperia comes with a 3” display. With the 5 MP camera, you can get high quality images. The 720p HD videos recording will keep your memories as fresh as ever. The camera used autofocus. For the connectivity purposes, there is the Wi-Fi, aGPS, DLNA apart from Bluetooth.


88 x 52 x 16 mm
99 gms
16M Colors, TFT, HVGA with touch screen
Pixels resolution
320 x 480
Quad-band GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Battery Power(mAh)
Li-Ion 1200 mAh
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Stereo with A2DP


SMS, MMS Email
320 MB (Internal)
Memory Card Support
MicroSD 32 GB
Talk Time
4 hours
Stand by Time
340 hours
Yes 5MP

The 1200 mAh battery is strong enough to provide you with 4 hours talk time and a standby time of 340 hours. The FM radio with RDS is a good source of entertainment whenever you are on the move.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The New Windows 8 logo

Microsoft has released the new logo for the Windows 8 OS. There will only be one single color used this time rather than having multi-colored logos in the past. The logo resembles a flag more than anything else. Let us have a look at all the logos, MS has designed until now.
Here area the previous logos that Windows released with each new Windows release.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Will Apple Mountain Lion bring Apple products together?

The increasing competition always makes the manufacturers come up with something new. The Mountain Lion is the new brand software from the house of Apple. The Mountain Lion is feature packed software that is expected to bridge the gap between the user and the iOS and the software on iPad and iPhone. In fact, it will take you even closer to the iOS.
Apple happens to be the largest Smartphone producer in the world. Compared to their dominance in this category, they have very little to speak about their computer market. The Mountain Lion is an effort to string together the iPhones, iPads and the PCs.
Mountain Lion is inclusive of features and apps that were once considered the sole ‘property’ of the mobile phones. It includes “Reminders”, “Messages”, “Notification Center” among others. One of the key features is the iCloud.
When you begin with Mountain Lion, the software prompts the user to enter the credentials. This makes data transfer like notes, event reminders extremely easy to be shared among the Apple gadgets. For example, if you have set a birthday reminder or iPad or iPhone, it will be visible in the app in Mountain Lion on the Mac. Rightly so, Apple now terms the OS as OS X, in place of the Mac OS X.
The OS X Mountain Lion is expected to make its appearance this summer. So get set for the magic.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sony Xperia Ion- First Sony-Only Phone at its Best

Sony can be proud to present the Sony Xperia Ion – its first indigenously built phone after it took control over their mobile arm when they bought the stake from Ericsson. It is a major first for Sony that the Xperia Ion has come from its house alone. This is one thing that Sony has to be proud of.
Xperia LT 28AT and the Xperia Ion have healthy resemblance. The Xperia has a 4.6 inch HD Reality Display. The resolution it offers is too great to resist and shows details excellent details with it 720×1280 resolution. The phone carries 1.5GHz dual-core processor for better performance.
Storage and camera
Going for the Xperia Ion can be one of the best Sony Xperia ion deals. The phone has an internal storage of 16 GB. That is a lot space and you can even store movies and loads of songs in it. That is pure entertainment. Another feature of entertainment happens to be the 12MP Exmor-R rear-facing camera. With such a strong and powerful lens, you can capture the best memories ever. On the front of the phone, however, there is the 1.3MP sensor camera.
Buying the phone is like making a Sony Xperia ion contract that promises to last longer. Like the Sony Xperia S, the best Xperia ion contract deals is that it is no less as compared to other electronic items like Sony’s Bravia TVs, the PlayStation 3 or even the Vaio laptops.
The phone has fine trendy looks and has the capacity to attract a consumer with its sheer looks. The colors are pleasant and so it gives a pleasing viewing experience. Playing games on the phone is a grand experience in itself, especially with PlayStation by your side. The graphics have an appealing charm and it will take no time to get lost in the gaming world.
Compatible with other technology
There is the LTE support available for the Xperia Ion. This means, when the phone is launched, it will be able to work on the AT&T airwaves – as that is the carrier the phone comes with. The phone is more likely to be compatible with the Bravia Sync technology and other products from the house of Sony.
There is still time for the phone to release and in the meantime, changes are expected to take place in the market. We may just have an Android 4.0 with Sony Xperia Ion.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reviewing the Amazing Sony Xperia S

Sony is known for its high quality gadgets in the world of technology. The Sony Xperia S is one such gadget with all the killer features it should have today. It has sleek and tender looks that go with a bunch of features that make it difficult for the potential customers to reject the mobile phone.
About the Sony Xperia S
The fonts used in the Sony Xperia S are a signature to Sony in itself. A negligible yet important comparison between the white and the black phones are that the white phone looks far better than the black one. It houses the see-through and at the bottom. This strip has menu, back and home keys there.
There will be shortly an upgrade in the phone, according to company sources. There will not be Android Ice Cream Sandwich along with the phone. Sony will shortly have the adaptors coupled with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
Features of Sony Xperia S
There is no need to think of any other deals than the Sony Xperia S deals when you are going for a Smartphone in the Xperia range. The phone works as good as a camera with 12 MP offering. Don’t blame the Xperia if taking pictures becomes your passion. The video shooting too is alarmingly clear with 1080p. This is as good as the iPhone 4S.
PlayStation certified
One of the exciting Xperia S contract deals is that the gadget has been certified by the PlayStation. Do not take this at face value only. The PlayStation certified mobile phone means that, as an avid gamer, you can have access to the entire library of previous PlayStation titles.
The screen of the Smartphone comes in 4.3” with a resolution of 1280x720. The clarity of the phone is crystal clear and the colors look lively. The screen is associated with the Sony Bravia Mobile engine which puts more life into the screen. You will certainly get lost in a world of your own.
The Sony phone comes with 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260 processor. 1 GB of RAM felt a bit freezing, but was up to the task when all that mattered was the performance. The RAM was enough to load the web pages at a satisfactory rate. However, a bit more testing will certainly throw different result.
With all these star-studded features, no wonder, the Sony Xperia S contract with you will be a long-lasting one.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tips to get over the writer’s block

There’s a demon in the writing world which is known as ‘writer’s block’. Freelance writers have certainly experienced this devil that stops your creative juices from flowing. Get through these tips to overcome sprite.
Today, there is a lot of potential in online earning. Freelance writing is one of the arms of online earning that is lucrative enough if you manage to hit the nail right on its head. However, even the best of the writers face the dilemma when the pen just stops writing. Thought evade you and you are deserted in your own world.
The writer’s block is something that the daily content writers will not ever like to face. These people need to deliver news on a daily basis and for that reason, need to perform to their highest possible level. Have a look at these time-tested tips to help yourself out of the quandary

As a writer, you might have made a permanent place for yourself in one of the rooms of your house. This is where you spend most of your time writing. This thing can certainly hurt you if you are facing a writer’s block. The same place will have the same sort of environment around you. It will have the same waves and the same energy and there will hardly be any changes in the atmosphere around.
Try to change your place if possible. It will a lot easier if you are using your laptop for writing and uploading articles. Try to move outside your room or house. Try using the terrace, balcony or the verandah of your house. We always require a little change in our lives.

Set small goals
Freelance writers are required to write articles that can be more than 500 words. This can take time to write if you need to do research on the given topic. So instead of aiming at 500 words, set smaller goals that you are capable of achieving.

Divide the article in sub-topics
Most of the times, you are writing an article that is divided in logical sub-topics. So dividing the article in meaningful paragraphs according to the sub-topics will serve your purpose. This means you will have to write only about a specific sub-topic. Your range of thinking and concentrating will be minimal and therefore you can think more freely. Your task will be writing and completing those specific points only, instead of thinking of completing the article as a whole.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

An online shopping site for India by Amazon

India will now get its very own online shopping site due to the efforts by the giant in online shopping giant Amazon. The site was launched on Thursday – February 2. India is already taking great strides in online shopping and e-commerce. The site comes as a boost now.
The site – will be full with as many as 12 million items spread over 24 different categories to cater to the needs of the Indian buyers. These categories include gadgets like cameras and mobile phones, clothing, books and movies among many others.
How can the site forget the kindle e-book reader? The kindle happens to be one of the best selling items for the company these days. The vast range of products will certainly give other sites a run for their money.
It lets the user to compare the prices of the items they are willing to purchase online. But the purchases will be made only through the network of a third party supplier.
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