Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook aiming it high with Android phones

The giant social networking site, Facebook, has high plans to enter the Android phones. It is an endeavor to enter the mobile computing market, however without having a phone of its own. Facebook will be using a latest app, which will replace the home screen itself on some of the Android Smartphones.
Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Facebook, has announced that their company has come up with “Home”, a new software. “Home” will display the social network on those mobile devices that are run on the Android OS by Google. “Home” will allow the users to make modifications in Android.
These modifications can help the users in displaying the Facebook messages, newsfeed apart from the messages on the home screen itself. These modifications can help the users to have all the contents on the home screen and make it easy for them to access it.
There will not be the conventional lock screen on those devices that have installed the “Home”. Instead, the users will be able to have a look at the feed that shows status updates, a strip of ticker of photos apart from the ads by Facebook.
The first Smartphone that will have the “Home” built in it will be by HTC. The Smartphone will be known as HTC First. The expected date of the release of the phone is April 12.


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