Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A look at the Sony C660X Yuga

The talks of the Sony C660X Yuga are healthily going around in the world of technology. Some features of the Smartphone have already been announced, while some others are rumored as well. There is no dearth of facts and fabrication going around.
Reports are stating that the Smartphone has been blessed with the quad-core processor from Samsung and comes with 3GB of RAM. What’s more stunning is the fact that there is a whopping 128GB of inbuilt storage already. It will give you an idea why it is called ‘whopping’. The 128GB storage is around two times as much the storage capacity of top end Smartphones, so that is humongous indeed.
What’s more, the Sony C660X Yuga offers a powerful camera with 16MP capacity. To view the images and video recording with this camera, the phone has a 5” full-HD display. With this camera, Sony will live up to its expectations of having excellent cameras in their phones.
The phone will also need a prevailing battery and that comes with 3000mAh battery. Another feature is that the phone is water as well as dust resistant. There is a lot to look forward to with this Sony gadget.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Protect your Kindle with an airbag

Mobiles and Smartphones have become common these days and so the need to protect them has increased as well. But the way a car has an airbag for safety, your Smartphone also will get the same level of protection. If you are really concerned about the safety of your Smartphone or even laptop for that matter, Amazon is at your help.
Amazon has developed a technology that will assist in protecting the gadgets with the help of motion-sensor. Amazon will be banking on the technology of motion sensor that almost every Smartphone uses today. The new Amazon technology helps in detecting the motion and making out if a phone has slipped out of your hands.
It then opens up a mini airbag and saves the phone from getting damaged. The technology in this system is more or less the same as that of used in a car. It is the impact that matters and that is when the airbag comes into play. Amazon has already gone ahead and patented the system. It is known that the patent has already been approved in the United States.
They plan to use it for gadgets like the in-house Kindle, tablets and cameras. The technology decides how hard the impact could possibly be and thereupon activates the system.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Karbonn introduces 5.9” Android A30 phone for Rs. 11,500

Mobile handset maker Karbonn has come up with a 5.9” phone that works on Android operating system for a price tag of Rs. 11,500. The phone is known as the A30. It uses the Android 4.0 ICS OS. The multi touch phone has a dual SIM card for dual purpose use.
The phone comes with two cameras – one is the usual rear camera, which is of a good 8 MP capacity and the other is the front camera that is of 1.3 MP. You can expand the memory of the phone to up to 32 GB. The phone works on a 2500 mAh battery.
For quick and powerful processing speed, the phone is built with 1GHz dual-core processor. The phone is priced at Rs. 11,500 at You have two color choices for the phone – one is the black version while the other is the white one
 It is interesting to note that the company has kept the RAM a secret. Apart from that the maker of the processor is also unknown and so is the internal memory. However, some other features that could be mentioned are the Wi-Fi support, Face detection as well as Gesture Mode.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Intel to manufacture Smartphones for Rs. 7000 in India

Intel will soon be partnering an Indian handset manufacturer to develop Smartphones that would cost as low as Rs. 7000. Of course, there would be Smartphones that will be available at higher prices too. But, the gadgets will be low-priced to make the middle class Indian families be able to own a Smartphone.
There was rightly no more information available about the Smartphones right now as there are at least 6 to 8 more months before the devices can be accessible to buyers. However, what can be said about these Smartphones is that the phones will be touchscreen devices and will run the Android OS on it. The Smartphones will be based on the Intel chips.
Intel had first launched the Lava Smartphone that was based on the Medfield chip. It was the Lava XOLO X900. The Medfield CPU drew attention and proved to be a strong point of the phone. The phone was launched in April. There was another phone that uses the Intel Medfield chip.
Lenovo had also launched Smartphone that used the Medfield chip, which was the Lenovo K800.
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