Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nexus manufacturer Asus will sell 32GB variant of Nexus 7

Google had started selling the 16GB variant of the Nexus 7 – their high-end tablet. Asus, the manufacturer of the tablets for Google has announced that they will be selling the 32GB variant of Nexus 7 in India. This announcement has come barely a week after Google began selling their tabs in India.
There had been longer delays, wrong information being circulated and goof-ups. For all these days and weeks only the 16GB variant of the tablet was available, especially in India. Now very soon even the 32GB variant will also be available.
Asus manufactures the Nexus 7 tablets for Google. The device was released all across the world in the month of July last year. Until it saw the Indian shores, November had already dawned. However, the gadget was taken off the market almost immediately.
The reason? The extremely high price. Nexus 7 was priced at Rs. 19,981, which is almost similar to the cost of the iPad Mini. Through the Google Play Store, Google had started the sales of the tablet. The price of a 16GB variant with only Wi-Fi comes at a decent price of Rs. 15,999.
This automatically makes it one of the best tablets on budget in India. The good thing is that it comes close on the heels of Mr. EricSchmidt’s visit to India, who is the chairman of the internet giant.


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