Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hotmail out; Outlook in

Hotmail, the emailing service from Microsoft was the largest in the world. The classic service catered to the needs of around 324 million users around the world. That is about 36% of the entire internet users in the market. However, the Google services were making life difficult for Microsoft’s Hotmail.
Here the top five features of the new emailing service:

  • No wonder, the new service will have a new design. The new design will make it possible to use lesser pixels. However, the amount of mails visible in the inbox will be 30% more.
  • is the new service will be known henceforth, will be able to connect to Facebook and to Twitter. That will make it easier for the users to connect to their friends and families directly. Users will also be able to view the latest status as well.
  • Most importantly, users will be able to open and edit as well as share the various documents through They will be able to work on MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.
  • Skype is integrated in the new mailing service. So video calling is also possible. But the fun part is that the video calling is made possible even if neither of the users have Skype installed.
  • has integrated the company’s cloud storage service SkyDrive. The upside of this is that it does not hold any limit on the size of the mail attachments.

Samsung might launch 11.8-inch tablet

The leading multinational company Samsung might launch an 11.8” tablet that would come with retina display. The launch might take place later on this year. The company is presently working on the retina display. The tablet will come with LTC connectivity and a smooth screen. The resolution of the screen will be 2560 X 1600 (WQXGA) and a ratio of 16:10.
There was an unofficial pronouncement last year itself that Samsung will be coming up with a tablet of high resolution in the next year (2012). It was also announced that the official word will be made during the Mobile World Congress. However, it has not yet materialized.
But as far as the documents of the court are concerned, they have stamped it to be a 2012 product. Moreover, chances are high that Samsung will come up with something concrete this year. In all probabilities in August, during an event in the US (in New York), Samsung might launch the tablet then.
For now, it is difficult to predict what the new Samsung tablet might hold. Nevertheless the specifications do speak of the tablet being an 11.8” gadget that will have a density of 256 ppi.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Top features of Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has recently raised the drapes from their newest operating system for mobiles. They claim it to be the best ever by them in the history. We had reported that the OS will be used for the upcoming Nokia Lumiaphones – the Lumia 910 and 920. Let us have a look at what makes it so special.
Bigger and clear screens
The new Windows Phone 8 can support two types of screen resolutions – 1280 X 720 and 1280 X 768 respectively. This can make it go with the latest handsets as well that have the high definition 720p displays.
The IE 10
The new version of the phone is equipped with the unchanged explorer – the same that will be seen in the tablets and the PCs powered by Windows 8. Microsoft claims the Internet Explorer 10 to be safer and faster than before. it also comes with SmartScreen Filter – the anti-phishing element in the program that will make surfing more secure than before.
Increased storage
The new Windows phone supports the removable MicroSD cards making space for more storage. There is literally no limit to what the users can store. There will a lot of space for images, photos, music, films and whatever the important data the users have to keep safe.
There are a couple of things the new Windows phone 8 Wallet can carry out for you. If you pair it up with a safe SIM card, you can make payments just with the tap of the phone. It can also keep your credit and debit cards, your boarding passes and any other key information with you.
Improved maps and better apps
The Windows phone has used the Nokia mapping for their platform. It makes available lots of details with turns and directions. The data has been lifted from lots of countries. Apart from that there will be breathtaking apps and games that will make you glued to the new Windows phone.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nokia may announce Lumia 910, 920 Windows Phone 8 gadgets

It is expected that Nokia might soon announce the Windows Phone 8 based devices – the Lumia 910 and 920. For that purpose, the Finnish company is likely to organize a world event. It is still unsure if the mobile company will indeed launch the two devices any soon. But if it ever does, there will be a certain edge for Nokia.
The Windows Phone 8 is expected to support loads of fresh and new features. Among them it might particularly be designed to cope up with the multi-core CPUs. Apart from that it will also go well with the “Live Tiles” – the iconic application of the OS.
Some days ago, WPDang had made the names of the handsets public that would use the Windows Phone 8. The screenshot below shows the same.

Image:  WPDang
Microsoft had recently announced that their mobile OS is one of the most developed systems Microsoft has made till date. There are lots of new features introduced by Microsoft in the new app. It also has start screen that you can use according to your choice.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Get Writing Ideas from Yahoo Answers

How many of you have been writing online with a view to earning either active or passive income?  The ability to work from home is a big plus. That is why many people are getting attracted to this job. The ease of working from home gives it an unbeatable advantage.
If you are a budding writer, you will certainly be running about to find ideas to write some great articles. At times you will be flooded with many ideas and you can write non-stop. But what about the time when you are groping for topics to write on? You are certainly struggling to get ideas to write on.
The categories
So this is where Yahoo answers comes to your help. This is how you can use Yahoo answers to find ideas to write on. There are scores of categories like “Beauty”, “Health”, “Pets”, “Environment”, “Travel”, “Society and Culture”, “Pregnancy and Parenting” among many others. You can browse through the categories on the home page.
The questions-answers
Open each category and you will find literally hundreds of questions. So, these hundreds of questions are your ideas to start writing. To be more comfortable in your writing choose the category that will make you feel comfortable. What you want is some quick stuff to write and submit your articles. So choose topics that you can easily write on.
Even answers help you
It is not only the questions posted on Yahoo answers will help you. If you are a careful reader (and you read in the first place), even the answers will give you a lot of stuff to write on. If you disagree with the answer of a certain member, you can elaborate the same. Why you do not agree with the thoughts, what makes you think so, etc. Remember, all you need is something as a beginning, which can come in any form.
Now to your actual writing…
When you have chosen your topic, it is time for you to do a bit of research. Researching is an optional thing as you might already know enough about the topic and so can start writing immediately. You can build your article through the points you want to elaborate and then writing a paragraph or two to elaborate your ideas.
Where you can post
There are primarily two types where you can post your new article – your own blog or a site you write for.
Posting on your own blog
If you are finding stuff to post on your own blog, then you may have to find topics from your niche only. That is the only thing you have to look out for. The reason is that your blog deals with only a certain niche and only people will visit your blog that are interested in those topics. So, if your blog is focusing on money making and you shortlist an article in electronics, there will hardly be any people who will stay on to read your post.
Writing on various sites
If you are finding topics to fuel your passive income, then you can go for any article that you can effectively write on. The niche will not be any problem for you, as the site will have all kinds of topics. That should be your best chance of posting some quality articles along with the quantity.
Please add your views about the various ways of getting ideas through Yahoo Answers!

Now your internet will be faster with Google Fiber

The wait is now over – well literally. Google has now introduced Google Fiber to speed up your browsing sessions. Google will now be known for one more service – the bundled internet and television services. The new services will make it possible for the people to access internet and their favorite web sites at least 100 times faster.
It will overshadow the conventional communication and cable companies that have been providing the people access to the internet. The internet giant has made the services open to the public – unveiled them in the Kansas City and Missouri. The actual installation could start only in the month of September. The services would then be soon introduced at other places.
The new Google services will move ahead of all the present companies that offer such services. However, Google will be 100 times ahead of other companies if their plan falls in place. Google also has plans of introducing product packages designed for various businesses. However, the company has not provided any details about the same yet.
As far as the new Google services are concerned, it will cost $120 a month. This package will include a mindboggling tremendous speed of 1 GB per second of Internet speed, 1 TB of cloud storage apart from the TV services.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Microsoft’s Surface tablet may cost up to $2,150

For the past few weeks, the Surface tablet from Microsoft has been in the news constantly. There were a lot of predictions on the price of the gadget as well. However, the price was revealed towards the end of the last month. The prices were known tentatively. Though they were a tad higher, they were worth giving a thought to the iPads.
It was estimated that the prices would range somewhere in the range of $1000. However, the newly known prices have skyrocketed totally unexpectedly and can go more than twice as much. The top price of the tablet is expected to cost $2,150.
According to a leading news report, the cheapest model costs in excess of $1000. It costs $1,002 to be exact, while the most expensive of them will carry a price tag of $2,150. These prices are released for Sweden where the cost was calculated in kroner. However, the tablet could cost lesser, where the cost of living is less compared to Sweden.
On the other hand, the iPad certainly is cheaper in Sweden. If it is compared with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, the costliest iPad costs $1,032 while the cheapest comes at a cost of $773.
These are only estimated costs and the official prices would be known when the tablet is ready for release.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to cost Rs. 32, 990 in India

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has been launched in India officially. The gadget will cost Rs. 32, 990. After a lot of hiccups, the tablet is finally out in the market. There were a lot of hurdles until the tablet reached the stores. Samsung was not really content with the way things progressed for the Galaxy Tab and for that reason even the production had come to a halt.
The Samsung tablet runs on an Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and comes with 1GHz dual core processor. A 7000 mAh battery powers the tablet. Apart from that there are many features that will make you go for the tablet irrespective of the price tag. The screen is crystal clear with a 720p resolution. There is a 3MP camera that you can use for video shooting.
With a weight of 583 g, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not too heavy to carry around. The current gadget – the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a redefined version of Galaxy Tab 10.1. Galaxy Tab 1 was also known as Tab 750. It was during the MWC event that the company had announced this gadget.
Some of the features of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 are as follows:

  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 1GHz dual core processor
  • 16/32GB Internal memory
  • 593 g of weight
  • VGA front facing camera
  • 10.1” display

Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazon’s Kindle Fire cost may come down

The price tag of the Kindle Fire from Amazon has come down ever since the launch of the tablet the previous year. The company has also gone on to slash the prices of the Kindle Fire to stir up the competition in the market. The production cost has gone down by about 28%.
In November last year, the component cost that went into making an Amazon Kindle Fire was about $185.60. It has now come down to $133.80. This is an estimate that has been made available by IHS iSuppli. IHS iSuppli keeps a track of the supply chains involved in tech products.
The decline in the price tag was driven by the receding prices in the displays, the memory chips as well as the touch screen from the available data from IHS iSuppli. To add to the falling prices, Amazon is most likely to launch a latest version of Kindle Fire. Therefore, more price cuts are imminent.
Experts feel that if the company is ready to cut down on the component costs, there shouldn’t be any reason why they won’t cut the price of the unit.

ZTE launches the first ever Android phone

The ZTE Corporation, which is known for its telecommunication equipment, has launched the first ever handset with Android as its Operating System. The phone will use Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The launch is limited to China for now. This launch has come close on the heels of the release of the official version of the mobile OS.
The phone, that is known as ZTE N880E smartphone uses the Jelly Bean – a version of Google Experience. It is the first smartphone of its kind to be launched in China. Overall, it ranks the third in the entire world to be launched. That is not the end of it. There will still be more launches from the house of ZTE.
ZTE goes will with Google and that is why it was easy pairing up with Android. The phone comes with 4” WVGA touchscreen. It has 1 GHz Qualcomm 7627A processor. The phone is built with 4GB of memory capacity along with 3.2MP AF camera. The gadget is only 10.4 mm in thickness.
No wonder ZTE is the fifth biggest Smartphone manufacturer in the world.
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