Friday, April 12, 2013

Now no need to key in your passwords

We require to key in our passwords for various sites when we have accounts on various sites. The work gets tedious if one is using a shared computer at a place like cyber café. The task gets easier if one has his own computer at home. You can save your password and the site will log you in automatically when you open it.
However, this task has also been addressed to by the researchers. With the new invention, all you need is to just think about the password and you are done.
But then how does this system work after all? And what does it need?
Here is the answer. All you will ever need to use this invention is a wireless headset device that has been specially designed for this purpose. Research done at the University of California Berkeley School of Information have invented this new gadget. It cashes in on the practicability of the computer authentication that is based on the brainwave.
With it help, your passwords will not be passwords, but in fact passthoughts. The brain waves are measured the help of the bio-sensor technology.
More about this technology
The wireless headset that costs around $100 is used to connect to your computer for which Bluetooth is a must. The sensor is rested against the forehead of the user that provides the electroencephalogram signals from the brain.
The safety about this technology is almost foolproof. The reason is the brainwaves. They are unique to each and every individual. So in case anyone knows your passthought the electroencephalogram signals will be distinct.


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