Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Nexus 7 to launch in India at Rs. 19,999

The long awaited Google Nexus 7 tablet has finally reached India at a price of Rs. 19,999. The tablet came to the stores on Thursday and will be for sale tomorrow – on Saturday. The price of the tablet is very less than what was being quoted through online sellers. ASUS will launch the tab in India.
ASUS is likely to launch the tab at about Rs. 19,900. The device will be accessible through Chroma and various other retailers in India. It should be noted that it is the 16 GB version that will cost Rs. 19,999 and will run on Android 4.1.
More about the tablet
The Google Nexus 7, as the name suggests, is a 7” LCD IPS display tab that will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The good thing about the tab is that the update of 4.2 is by now available. So that should be a welcome positive sign for the customers. The device runs on Nvidia Tegra 3 processor with a screen resolution of 1280x800.
The device is powered by 1GB RAM and comes with 4325 mAh battery. There is a 1.2MP camera in the device as well. If the reports are to be believed, the tab supports nine hours of backup once fully charged.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 overtakes Apple iPhone

The fight between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone seems to be a never-ending affair. It was a sort of victory for Samsung for the third quarter. For a brief while, it was the Samsung product that proved to be the Smartphone model with the highest sells in the world, overtaking Apple.
The Smartphone from Samsung go the better of iPhone 4 as well as 4S as far as the sales are concerned. However, with the iPhone 5 doing extremely well in the markets all over the world, the cushioning Samsung has secured might not last too long. Apple is certain to bounce back with their latest Smartphone.
The sales figures for the Apple device are humongous. Until Q3, the company had sold around 6 million units worldwide. Keeping that in mind, the sales of the Apple gadget are likely to overtake Samsung’s Galaxy S3 anytime during the fourth quarter.
If things fall as expected, the title of the most popular and well-accepted Smartphone will go to Apple.

Now your Google search pages will have a new look

Google has changed the way your search pages will look. The idea behind the change is to give its users a more engaging atmosphere. So the next time you search anything on Google, you will be welcomed by a new page where you will have simpler looks and a cleaner design.
There is more space for the users due to the new design and there is enough to give the users the answers they are looking for. Whether there are the web results or anything from the Knowledge Graph, it is a win-win situation for the users anyhow.
The change that Google has made is that they have taken the tools to the top of the page, thereby giving more space to the left hand side of the screen as well. The advanced tools that you are used to are still there to be used. The users are required to click the “Search tools”.
In the older version of the search page, the categories like News, Blogs, or Images were on the left hand side. Google is trying to cater as much to the users as possible by making changes in the search results, brining out tablets as well as many other services they are already offering.

Monday, November 5, 2012

HTC reveals One X+ and Desire SV

HTC has revealed two new products – the new flagship gadget One X+ and a Smartphone Desire SV, which is a dual-sim device. The One X+ will cost about Rs. 40,190 while the Smartphone is expected to be tagged at Rs. 22,590.
The One X+ uses the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, which is coupled by the company’s propreitary Sense UI. It is built with a 4.7” LDC 2 touchscreen. A 1.7GHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM powers the device. This makes it more than one-fourth time faster than the predecessor – One X. The phone is available in two versions –32 GB and 64 GB.
The Dropbox storage is also accessible and comes with a capacity of 25 GB. So that is something reasonable storing capacity as far as a phone is concerned. There is the 8MP camera which comes with a LED flash. A 1.6MP camera also sits pretty in the phone for front snapping.
As far as the Desire SV is concerned, the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will power the phone. The good thing is that you can upgrade it to the same operating system as the One X+ that is the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The phone comes with a 4.3” LCD touchscreen.
A 1GHz processor powers the gadget though the RAM is on a lower side with 768 MB. The Desire SV has 4GB of internal memory and can be extended with the help of MicroSD cards.

Get the Microsoft Windows 8 for just Rs. 1,999

The new operating system by Microsoft – the Windows 8, is being offered for only handful bucks of Rs. 1,999. With the price tag of not even Rs. 2,000, Microsoft is trying to target the tens of thousands of people who are either eager or curious to lay their hands on the new OS.
The US based company is looking forward to gaining a reasonable amount of customers through the low-priced edition. However, this discount on the price is short-lived. No one should take for granted that the price tag of Rs. 1,999 is the cost of the operating system for ever. The original price of the Windows 8 is a whopping Rs. 11,999.

If you are aspiring to buy a licensed copy of the OS, then you have time until January 31, 2013. That is the deadline Microsoft has given to the potential buyers. An upgrade DVD is also available that comes at Rs. 3,499. However, if you have purchased the Windows 7 after June this year, you will get an upgrade at only Rs. 699.
These are all strong measures the company has taken to boost their sales as there are free open-source platforms available as well. So it was a tricky situation for Microsoft to balance things. It seems Windows 8 is the key here.

In five months, Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S III phones

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III phone has proved to be one of the strongest competitors to Apple’s iPhone 5. If the reports and the sources are to be believed, Samsung has sold 30 million Galaxy SIII phones in five months flat. The sales have made the phone one of the most sold phones in the world now.
When the Apple iPhone 5 was launched, it took just three days to sell five million iPhone 5 devices for the company.
Samsung, that has become the highest phone producer in the world, brought the phone out in the month of May. It was very early and in fact, well within time as the company had started to ship the latest and the newest version of the phone.
If the sales of this version are compared with the previous one, the sales of the Galaxy S III are faster and higher as far as the volume of time is concerned. The difference in the time slab is about nine months. That is a huge difference in the world of Smartphones and technology.
It took about 14 months for the Galaxy S II to reach the figure of 30 million sales. In the period from July to September, Samsung sold about 56.3 million Smartphones versus as against 26.9 million units from Apple. The figures are curtsey IDC – a research firm.

Friday, November 2, 2012

India welcomes iPhone 5; many more Smartphones expected

The day finally dawned on the Indian horizon as the day for the launch of the Apple iPhone 5. We had carried out the news about the launch of the Apple phone a few days back along with the price tags for the Indian market. Telecom operators like Aircel and Airtel announced the launch of the phone with various offers to attract more customers.
Aircel offered their customers plans to pay installments in one year. On the other hand, Airtel had offers of five monthly plans which were accompanied by discounted rates. The response to the sales would only be known in a day’s time when some concrete data is available.
The iPhone 5 – one of the most hyped products of Apple, was originally launched on September 21.
However, the launch of Apple iPhone 5 is not the only gadget to look up to for the Indian customers. There are lots of other Smartphones that are staring at a launch in India soon. Among the new launch of Smartphones include, HTC Smartphones that are built on the Microsoft’s Windows platform.
Karbonn and Lava are the other two companies that will soon be launching their Smartphones for the Indian market as well.
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