Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who in Bollywood is Supporting Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality is a hot topic these days. And why not, after all it is question of a fraction of a people dominating the majority of the people. Even the common man has stepped into the battle to save the internet.
Yes, that’s the tag word these days – “Save the internet”. There is literally a campaign to save the internet. All have equal right over the use of internet and that too without anyone’s interference and doing partiality.
We take a look at some Bollywood personalities who have also joined the fight for saving the internet and keeping it equal for all.
Parineeti Chopra
The Chopra girl was one of the first actresses to raise her voice. She appreciated the steps taken by AIB through the video they brought out. She also mentioned that net neutrality is crucial.
Arjun Kapoor
One of the key members of the controversial AIB, Arjun Kapoor came out in support of saving the internet. He posted a video link in support of net neutrality and asked people to support the drive.
Richa Chadda
Another beautiful actress, Richa Chadda came into the picture supporting net neutrality. According to her, the government should take steps in favoring net neutrality if it is elected by the citizens of India.
She further added that, if it’s a government brought in by the telecom operators, the common man should get ready to get looted.
The fact of the matter remains that internet is and should be for everyone and there shouldn’t be a favor for a certain company – whoever are involved in whichever way.
Internet has not only become a source of communication, but is also responsible for information explosion. Moreover, it is a utility and not a luxury – no matter the financial status of an individual.
There used to be tax on radio and television in the recent past in India after independence. However, that tax was later abolished. Internet is a parallel example. The net is also used for studying purposes for students as well as for gaining information from sites like Wikipedia.
We all need net neutrality. Stand by it, common!


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