Thursday, March 15, 2012

Download YouTube videos via Voobys

Downloading YouTube videos has always been fun and fascinating. There are many way of downloading YouTube videos. is one of them. You will no longer have to just watch the videos only when your internet connection is on. Download the videos to your hard drive and watch them later any time.
So this is how you can download videos from YouTube.
Let us say this is the link you have visited to watch a certain video on YouTube. The link will begin with and will be followed by the remaining part of the URL. The sample URL is illustrated below.

Now, what you have to do is just replace the word “youtube” from this URL with “voobys” and press enter. Remember, do not make any changes in the other part of the URL. You will be guided to the voobys web site’s page where you will see an image of the video alongside the “Download Video” button.
If you have already set the default folder to download stuff, the file will get automatically saved to this folder. This is mostly the “Downloads” folder in “My Documents”. But you can easily save the file anywhere you like.
You will need the Flash Player to watch the flv videos. You can see the link on the page that says download Flash Player. There is also a link for you to download the video Converter so that you can send the videos to your mobile phone as well.


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