Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2G and 3G speed the same for 48% of India users

India is increasing in the numbers of Smartphone users. Today, India has a huge Smartphone user base and it is one of the biggest markets as well. However, according to Ericsson there isn’t any difference between the speeds that the consumers expect to be.
Ericsson ConsumerLab has come with some figures in their study. According to the report revealed by them, around 48 per cent of Indian consumers of mobile internet hardly find any difference between the 2G and 3G speeds.
When a Smartphone user is using a 3G connection on his device, he is expecting to have a superior speed as compared to the 2G user. A 3G mobile plan is costly that puts more financial worries on the pockets of the users. And if they find 2G and 3G of the same speed, why would they go for the 3G plans.
Around 88% people – users – find that the mobile broadband is more expensive. That makes consumers run away from adapting this service. When on one hand the report stated some figures, it stayed away from a possible argument over the number game. And for this reason, the report didn’t divulge the genuine speed a 3G consumer ought to get.
However, in general, the load time of a web page is considered to be around 3 seconds. But, in India, it is three times slower. To add to the woes, the 3G connectivity isn’t consistent either.
There should be flexible data plans so that people of various needs can buy them accordingly. Moreover, there need to be more consistency in the connectivity as well.


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